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Most common questions and their answers

Fishing trips

The rates of the day trips range between 300 – 500 dlls.

Rods, reels and tackle, lures, snacks, drinks, fishing license, lunch.

Depending on the fishing spot, the following types of fishing are offered:

  • Lake fishing,
  • Offshore fishing, and
  • Inshore fishing

Depending on the fishing spot, the following fishing techniques are offered:

In the lakes and bays are offered:

  • Spinning,
  • Fly fishing,
  • Light tackle,
  • Catch and Release

In offshore fishing we offer: 

  • Light Tackle,
  • Bottom Fishing,
  • Popping,
  • Deep Sea Fishing ,
  • Heavy Tackle,
  • Trolling,
  • Jigging,
  • Catch and Release.

The species of fish you can catch will depend on the location and season of the chosen fishing spot. To know this information in each spot the species and the best seasons for each one of them are described.      

The type of fishing is Inshore fishing and the techniques are Spinning, fly fishing, light tackle, catch and release     

No, the tip is not included. It usually goes from $26 dlls and up. Remember that the guides are natives of that region, and it is their way of life so it is advisable to tip them, of course, as long as you are satisfied with the service provided.  

YES, reservations are booked with 20% paid online or by wire transfer and the rest can be paid in cash. The currencies we accept are Mexican pesos, dollars and euros.

To any of our 25 different world class fishing spots that we have in various locations in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

It is valid for six months to communicate with us. Once you choose the place where you want to go fishing you have one year to make your trip.

Yes, you can put the image of your choice, just upload your image and it will appear on the digital Gif Card.

Yes, the Gift Card has a PDF version so it can be printed without any problem.

Yes, as long as there is availability.

The process is simple.:

1) Talk or send us a message to the following phone number +52 1 669 232 9911

2) Tell us where you are going to go fishing and on what dates and

3) Pay with the Gift Card.

Everything, fishing sessions, lodging, boats, guide service, equipment rental, food and beverages among others. Commonly the fishing trip is sold as an all-inclusive package.

Yes, you can schedule it and on that day an email with the Gift Card will be sent to the chosen person.

Yes, the Gift Card is transferable and will be validated to whoever contacts us and gives us the reference number.

Yes, for any type of fishing, be it fly fishing, bass fishing, deep sea fishing, etc.

The exchange rate in effect on the day you choose and pay for your fishing trip with the Gift Card will be considered.

Gift Card


Raffle winners will be announced based on the latest winning numbers from the Megamillions drawing held in the same date of the raffle.   See the raffle rules Here
Each raffle has its own number of tickets available. The quantity is specified in the raffle description.
Each raffle has it own price. Ticket prices are in the $20 to $35 dollars range.
Yes, each raffle has a number of tickets available and you can choose from among them. E.g. If the raffle has 200 tickets you can choose any number you want from 1 to 200.
Each raffle has its own deadline. Deadlines are indicated in the raffle description.
The winning odds are obtained by dividing one by the total number of tickets available for sale (see raffle description). 
Of course, the dates will be open to choose, it will only depend on lodge availability.